Circular reverse bayonet coupling

Circular reverse bayonet coupling


Number of contacts 3 to 52
Contact type Pin and Socket
Design Circular    
Coupling type Bajonet    
Wire size 1-1.5mm2 2.5mm2 4-10mm2
Current 13 Amp 23 Amp 46 Amp
Voltage range 250 Volts AC / DC 200 Volts 700 Volts AC / DC 500 Volts 1250 Volts AC / 900 Volts DC
Shell housing aluminium alloy stainless steel  
Surface treatment RoHs conform zink-cobalt    
Contact plating silver gold  
Cable strain relief PG-Adapter Shrink boot adapter cable clamp
Contact type solder crimp  
Protection class IP 65    
Temperature range -25°C - 125°C    
Angular position normal    
Standard VG-95234    

according to VG-95234

Circular reverse bayonet coupling connector according to VG-95234 with stainless steel shell.
For harsch environment applications, IP65 protection, versions with various contact arrangements available as required. Current range fromt 13 up to 80 ampere and 500 to 1250 Volt.
Cable strain relief application dependant may be shileded and with shrink boot or cable gland.

Adapter suited for sealing!