Four brothers are jointly
guiding the company
for over 25 years

together with their loyal EMCT-Team

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we Connect what
is to be connected

use our long time experience
and knowledge

to solve your connector
related questions

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Acustic warning
Made in Switzerland

wether for truck-, medical or
your industrial application

our piezo electronic alarms make
you and your environment safer

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Corona virus update

Corona virus update

Corona virus (COVID-19)
Dear customers, suppliers and business partners

We all are very concerned about the evolution of the corona pandemic. The management of EMCT Swiss-ConnTec SA takes the situation very seriously. All of our precautions serve to protect our employees and business partners.

We would like to inform you that EMCT Swiss-ConnTec SA as of March 20, 2020 can expect no delivery bottlenecks. Our suppliers maintain their readiness to deliver within the framework of their respective legal regulations. We also have a large warehouse.

We are currently not experiencing any delays in delivery. Until further notice, your estimated orders will be processed on time and professionally.

The employees of EMCT Swiss-ConnTec SA are healthy, motivated and here for you.

We observe and analyze the situation changing daily or almost by the hour. Of course, we follow the guidelines of the Federal Council and adjust our behavior according to our pandemic plan.


custom made connectors

Special production in line with your needs

Although there are several hundred standard solutions


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AC 300 / AC 300i

Suited for AC, Faston contacts, front panel mount 25.5mm

AC 300 / AC 300i

Since 1991, EMCT Swiss-ConnTec SA has been producing the specially developed AC 300 piezo electronic…

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DC 300 / DC 300i

DC - Voltage, 2.8mm Faston contacts, for Frontpanel cut-out 25.5mm

DC 300 / DC 300i

The DC 300 piezo electronic buzzer series is a Swiss development and is being manufactured by EMCT…

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Did you know.......

2,600,000 +

Piezo alarms produced

13,000,000 +

solder joints placed


components used


The development of new piezoelectric alarms does not only require electronics expertise but also requires the subtle clarification and investigation of various acoustic and physical properties!

A piezo signal alarm consists of electronics, which on the one hand contains a power supply and on the other hand a wave generator. A piezo ceramic disc, which is glued onto a brass disc is connected to the generator and acts as a speaker.

The micro-movements of this disc, depending on the frequency 2'750 or 3'250 vibrations per second, are compressing the air volume inside a Helmholtz resonator resulting in an acustic amplification thus generate the familiar sound!

A more detailed description can be found in the link under the link Funktionsprinzip_piezoelektronischer_Summer.pdf . (currently German only).

we drive electrically

Our newest company vehicle runs with electricity!

Hyundai Ionic Electric

30KW battery

240 km range

12.5 KW consumption per 100 kilometers

A successful vehicle, which conveys a lot of driving fun.

ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification renewed in february 2924

ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification renewed in february 2924

The consistent implementation of the ISO specifications is bearing fruit. The recertification was successfully completed.

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