Five pillars...

... on which we build



Our worldwide supplier connections and the big warehouse are available to your requirements. We know the many military standards and can therefore offer you a considerable added value.

Through our partner companies in the field of CNC production and the contact insert manufacturing, we can produce innovative products. These help you to generate considerable advantages in production.

In-house manufacturing not only produces connector components and accessories, but also uses our expertise in electronics manufacturing to manufacture the EMCT piezo electronic sounder.

Since 1965, the founding of Ehrensperger Electronics SA by Mr. Max Ehrensperger, the company was further developed after the takeover in 1985 by Mr. Tony Müller.

The good connections and relationships with our worldwide suppliers and partners support our in-depth expertise. With great commitment and joy, we find suitable solutions for your connection requirements.

We are rich in experience and knowledge through the multitude of custom solutions that we develop and manufacture in collaboration with our customers.

"We speak connector and buzzer language! "

In 1991 (700 years Switzerland) our production was supplemented by the takeover of Roschi Electronic Worb with the line of the piezo electronic alarms.

With these versatile alarms, we can serve our customers, from simple signaling to applications in medical technology or even truck reversing alarms!

Our way led us to our own business building in Schönbühl Bern, where we have our domicile since 1997.


EMCT Swiss-ConnTec SA
Grubenstrasse 7A
3322 Urtenen-Schoenbuehl

tel: +41 31 859 34 94