MIL-C-5015 Series circular connector bayonet coupling

MIL-C-5015 Series circular connector bayonet coupling

general specifications

Number of contacts 1 - 104
Contact type Pin or socket
Design Circular
Housing type Wall mount, cable extension, flange mount, cable plug straight, cable plug 90 °
Coupling type bayonet
Strand cross section 0.5 - 50 mm2
Amperage 10 - 150 amperes
Voltage range 200 volts AC - 3'000 volts AC
Housing material aluminum
Surface non RoHs: olive green chromated over cadmium, RoHs conform Zinc Cobalt
Contact surface Silver or gold plated
Cable strain relief depending on the application
Termination solder or crimp
Temperature range -55 ° C - + 125 ° C
Positioning Normal, W, X, Y, Z
Standard MIL-C-5015


Contact size Wire diameter (DM) mm DM diameter wire insulation max. / min. (mm) max. test current (A) max. load current (A)
16 0.80 bis 1.25 3.30 / 1.65 22 13
12 1.60 bis 2.50 4.32 / 2.90 41 23
8 2.50 bis 3.15 6.50 / 4.20 73 46
4 4.00 bis 5.00 9.40 / 6.90 135 80
O 6.30 bis 8.00 14 / 10.60 245 150

Operating voltage

Service rating Inst. A D E B C
Rated voltage DC (V) 250 700 1250 1750 2450 4200
Rated voltage AC (Veff) 200 500 900 1250 1750 3000

Ideal for use with higher vibrations and impacts

A bayonet lock is a fast producible and detachable mechanical connection of two cylindrical parts in their longitudinal axis. The parts are connected by nesting and counter rotating and so also separated again. Thus, the coupling of a bayonet Steckvertbinder pair is very easy from equip. In addition to easy handling, this type of coupling impresses with its high vibration resistance.

Bayonet couplings are used wherever robust and safe electrical connections with metal housings are required. Optimum solutions are offered by the large number of contact images and housing shapes.

The most important key data of the MS connectors are:

  • HOUSING: Aluminum alloy for high mechanical strength with low weight.
  • SURFACE PLATING: Standard is olive green chromated over cadmium for corrosion resistance and use in extreme operating conditions. Also available are RoHS compliant surfaces nickel, zinc cobalt (black), zinc cobalt (green).
  • CONTACT SUPPORT: The standard material for insulators is neoprene (polychloroprene), which offers high insulation resistance, high dielectric strength and shock and vibration resistance. Other materials such as Viton or a flame-retardant halogen-free compound, with low smoke emission are also available.
  • CONTACTS: Copper silver plated or gold plated, available for currents from 10 amps to 150 amps. These offer excellent conductivity under harsh operating conditions with minimal contact resistance. Both solder and crimp terminals are available.

The large number of over 110 insert assemblies in 13 package sizes for power, signal or combinations of power and signal configurations cover a wide range of applications. On request, connectors with leading contacts, earth contact connection to the housing, EMI RFI shielding, PG adapters and cable glands (PG and metric) are available.

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